How to run significant virtual events?

For many event professionals, organizing a digital event is nothing new. However, this is much more the case for companies, for whom digitization has quickly established itself as the only possible alternative during the difficult period that we have been going through for several months.

If it recovers the codes of a physical event, its digital counterpart requires mastering new tools, in particular technical and technological. But also to completely rethink the format of its events & put in place the right strategies to maintain the participants’ attention behind their screen.

In the same way, as for a physical event, organizing a digital event cannot be improvised at the last minute. This article shares the best practices to create an engaging and successful virtual event.

Tips for a successful virtual event

For most people organizing a virtual event can be a difficult task. However, it shouldn’t be. We have several tips and practices that will help you host your virtual event seamlessly and provide your audience with a fantastic experience-

  • Set clear goals from the beginning

Make sure that you know the purpose of your virtual event before you start planning or choosing the perfect virtual event platform.

Establish smart goals for you and your team. Also, ensure the entire team understands what you intend to accomplish.

  • Choose the right platform to host your virtual/digital event.

Numerous platforms come with different features. For instance, a platform offers co-hosting to advanced moderation tools with another organization or company.

  • Select the best time for your event

It is essential to select the best time for your event. Different countries have different time zones and holiday schedules. Consider how many people will attend the event, whether or not they’re in different time zones and how much time you will require for question and answer.

Remember: In Different countries, there are different times for holidays.

  • Promote your virtual event

Don’t forget to advertise your event well in advance. Make sure you promote your virtual event so that attendees will know when it’s happening and how they can participate. There are many social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn) to promote your events.

  • Develop a clear agenda

You don’t want your attendees waiting in the lobby around for long periods of time. Provide a clear plan with the timings marked and include any relevant links so that participants can plan ahead.

  • Include moderators at your event

What if things get out of control? Therefore, having enough moderators on hand is essential during your virtual event.

Remember: Not everyone is as genuine online as they are offline!

  • Engage your audience

No one likes an “hour lecture”! If you want to engage your audience, it is advised to plan activities that involve the attendee’s participation. Please encourage them to have conversations with one another and ask questions to broadcasters.

  • Prepare to troubleshoot

It is a must to prepare yourself for future troubleshooting. This is why we recommend you consider more than one platform. So, just in case if you find any technical issues with your video or audio, you can switch over to the platform and continue the event as scheduled.

  • Send out a post-event follow-up.

Ensure your attendee know how they can access the events’ recording afterward. This will inspire them to join your event next time in the future.

  • Debrief

Take some time after the event to reconnect with your team and discuss what worked well and what didn’t.

That’s how You’ll be more prepared for your next virtual event!

Organize a successful digital event with a professional event planner

Therefore, making the leap from physical to virtual to organize a digital event requires considering many factors. Working with a professional event planner will save you a lot of time. But also to take advantage of suitable filming locations and quality equipment. As well as tailor-made tools to create an event in your image, the benefits for your business will be synonymous with a better understanding of your community and more significant growth. Event planners support you at every step, making it easier for you to create your content and the technical realization of your digital event.

Contact BreakPoint if you want to run a great virtual event!



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