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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Booking Agency

The US talent and modeling agency industry has an annual revenue of around $8 billion.

Getting talent to perform at a show or an event can be a long and difficult task for someone trying to accomplish it themselves. Going through a booking agency, however, can make the process significantly easier, and result in a better quality performance.

For 5 reasons why hiring a talent booking agency can benefit you, keep reading.

  1. Expertise

Booking talent isn’t something people do often, so going through a booking agency is a great way to ensure it’s done right. Choosing the right act isn’t easy when there are thousands of options. By giving a talent booking agency the details about your event and what you want they can then find the perfect talent for the occasion.

Breakpoint Booking has a diverse roster of comedians and musicians, so whatever kind of performance you’re looking for we can find the perfect fit.

  1. Save Time

Depending on the scale of an event, organizing it can be a huge task. Public concerts have so many moving parts that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Getting assistance with any of the organizations is always helpful.

If you have someone else to take care of the talent booking, that frees up more time for you to sort out other components like the venue, guest lists, and catering.

  1. Get What You Want

Something that Breakpoint Booking is very good at is making things personal. When booking with us we will ask you for a number of details about the event. These include:

  • The budget
  • The type of event (club, park, non-profit, sporting event, etc.)
  • The type of performance needed (full band, comedy act, DJ set, etc.)
  • The venue capacity
  • Set duration

Using these details we can cater the booking to your specific event. If there are any other specifics that we need to know about the event you can let us know and we will factor everything in.

Whether the event is a private function, public concert, or even a virtual event, there is always a lot of moving parts. We will work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day and you get the exact performance you’re after.

  1. Industry Connections

If someone were to go out on their own to try and book talent for an event, odds are they wouldn’t know where to begin. Booking agencies always have connections in the entertainment industry, allowing for an expansive roster of the best talent.

Breakpoint Booking was founded by Isaac Gordan and is a sister company to Monster Entertainment. Both of these are subsidiaries of New Legacy Enterprise, also founded by Isaac.

  1. Pricing

When looking for talent, a booking agency will be able to get reasonable and accurate pricing for a booking. If you are trying to book talent yourself odds are you will be presented with a much higher price.

This is down to the relationships booking agencies have with artists’ managers, a knowledge of the industry, and the ability to negotiate. The process will also be quicker and easier when handled by a booking agency.

Finding Your Talent With a Booking Agency

Whether it’s a musical performance, comedy show, or other celebrity booking, a reputable talent booking agency is the way to go.

Breakpoint Booking is ready to help provide you with the perfect performance, so click here to contact us today and let us know what you need.



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