Spoof: Ten Ways to Get Your Boss’s Attention at a Big, Competitive Talent Agency

…intern, Eli spends his days avoiding assignments, ignoring messages from his bosses, and brainstorming ways to pass time. He is a published author, a staff writer for a satire site, and writes jokes and scripts in his free time, but ultimately dreams of being an actor/director/athlete/musician/producer/screenwriter/agent/manager/accountant/bachelor.

Breakpoint Booking Winter Internship Program

Breakpoint Booking is currently seeking an intern/assistant to help out with daily operations. This would be perfect for college students, students seeking experience in the music industry or recent college or high school graduates seeking a music business internship.

The Ultimate Guide To Promoting Your Comedy Show

One of the major hurdles for most comedians is figuring out how to properly advertise their shows, which is why so many of them don’t bother. Or, even worse, they simply create a social media post and invite everyone they know. While there is no one-size-fits-all method for concert promotion, you can follow the steps […]

The Most Effective Strategies for Your Music Festival Promotion

Before you start thinking about how to promote your music festival, take a step back. An event takes months to arrange if you want it to be perfect. You’ll need to make a budget that takes into consideration all components of the planning process. You can develop a marketing strategy to increase festival ticket sales […]

Top Event Marketing Strategies & Ideas

Event marketing is a strategy to develop a themed exhibition, display, or presentation to promote a product, a service, a cause, or a company by activating a personal commitment of the target. Online or offline, marketing events can be tracked, organized, or sponsored. These activities can be promoted through various inbound and outbound marketing techniques. […]

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

The end-of-year celebrations are coming soon; it’s an opportunity to bring your employees together for a festive moment. It is an event eagerly awaited by the employees because it allows them to spend a pleasant moment full of friendliness. There are different ways to celebrate the end-of-year celebrations; BreakPoint offers you its selection of ideas […]

Holiday Event Planning: Your Ultimate Guide

One of the biggest challenges in organizing an event occurs during the very first phase – the planning phase. Even organizing a small and seemingly fairly straightforward event can turn out to be a complicated task, with a plethora of details and adjustments that we need to pay attention to. If this is your first […]

How to run significant virtual events?

For many event professionals, organizing a digital event is nothing new. However, this is much more the case for companies, for whom digitization has quickly established itself as the only possible alternative during the difficult period that we have been going through for several months. If it recovers the codes of a physical event, its […]

Party Promotion Tips to Increase Online Booking

We are living in the era of marketing and promotions. Today, the same amount of efficient planning and strategies are crucial for promoting an event as are involved in organizing it. The world being more digital-centered, the end goal of most marketing campaigns is to increase online booking or selling. BreakPoint Booking is renowned for […]