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How to Plan an Incredible Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event may seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools, you can host a wonderful party that everyone will enjoy.

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It’s estimated that over 95% of marketing experts believe that corporate events can help you achieve business goals faster.

Attending such events can help discover a must-have product/service, learn something new in your niche, or find a good partner for your projects. However, planning a corporate event is a daunting process that requires a lot of creativity and a detailed process.

So, how do you create a memorable corporate event that will boost your ROI? Read on to find out:

Establish a Project Timeline

To make corporate event planning less stressful, you can create a master detailed checklist for all the tasks. Today, there are dozens of tech-savvy tools that can help you streamline a broad range of activities.

The checklist will serve as a tool for the whole planning process. For example, you can create a spreadsheet with individual tabs for each event category such as speakers, venues, travel, agenda, event entertainment, and schedule.

Set a Realistic Budget

A budget can help you know where to allocate your resources effectively. For instance, if you spend more on event decoration than on personable speakers or a skilled tech crew, your event may not offer value to the target audience.

Finding how much the event will cost as early as possible will ensure the corporate party goes seamless from start to finish.

Some of the main budgeting categories in a corporate event include speakers, venue, talent booking, marketing, food, event technology, attendee experience, furniture, and transportation.

Once the high levels have been identified, you can estimate the expense for each and this will result in a better projection of the total expense.

Choose a Theme and Format

A successful theme and format should be educational, immersive, and stand out from the regular events. For instance, coordinating a client event with a skilled guest speaker can position your company as a trusted advisor. Peer-to-peer learning with keynotes and roundtables with client panels are also other successful options.

It should also include opportunities for the attendees to do something fun and memorable. This might include a performance from a comedian, popular speaker, a band, or playing on a spectacular golf course. These methods improve networking and learning.

Select an Appropriate Location

Location influences attendance numbers. It is recommended to book a convenient venue with a vibrant atmosphere so the attendees are comfortable and willing to commute. When on a tight budget, hosting the event at a less popular time will lower the total budget cost and ensure all necessities are provided.

In case your event has a short-lead time, watch out for last-minute venue offers.

Let Us Help You Plan an Incredible Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event of any size doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be easy and even fun if you can utilize the steps above. Additionally, ensure you get a good corporate event planner. You want to hire one who is creative, assertive, and organized.

If you’re looking for top talents to energize your event, look no further than Breakpoint Booking – your go-to talent booking agency. We have an extensive event talent roster for all types of corporate events. Make a booking request now!



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