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Everything You Need to Know About the Talent Booking Process

About 97% of executives say that in-person meetings have significant returns on investment. Also, over 80% confirm that meetings propel new ideas, training, and team engagement.

With the benefits and success of events comes the need for entertainment. Adding fun to your concerts brings positivity, raises energy levels, and helps your guests relax and engage more. But how do you go about the talent booking process in an industry so saturated?

The industry is booming with all kinds of acts and performances. Sieving through different artists to find who you can trust with entertaining your guests can be challenging.

This article touches on everything you need to know about the talent booking process.

How to Find Artists

The two primary methods of celebrity booking are via their representative or a talent buyer. Understanding the difference between the two professionals is imperative in your booking process.

The Difference between Artist Representatives and Talent Buyers

The talent management market is getting voluminous by the day. But some event planners and hosts still find it hard to draw the lines between an artist’s representative and talent buyer.

Middle agents act as connectors between clients and artist’s representative. The talent booking agency focuses on helping you find artists that meet your event specifications and budget.

On the other hand, artist agents or representatives work for specific celebrities. Their primary duty is to negotiate and close more deals for their artists and safeguard their interests.

In most cases, the middle agents reach out to the artist representatives to negotiate and close deals for the concert promoters. However, an event planner can choose whether to work with a go-between or go straight to an artist or their representative.

Which Professional Is Right for You?

The right person to contact depends on your experience in the entertainment industry. It also depends on the time you’re willing to dedicate to the booking process.

A talent booking agency comes in handy if you have limited time to commit to the process or lack experience. For instance, holding a public concert or an event during the holidays may be too stringent in terms of time.

The middle agents take care of everything. They scout and pitch to find the right artist, negotiate prices, follow up, and cater to travel arrangements.

On the other hand, artist representatives let you take care of all the communication, follow-up, travel arrangements, etc.

Your experience also dictates the booking agency to contact. Remember that artist representative’s work for a specific performer. Thus, they’ll only connect you to their client.

Alternatively, middle agents understand the industry more and know the right artist for your event.

Cost Considerations

Booking an artist for public concerts may be easier through a middle agent but costly. Of course, a talent buyer has several contacts and will negotiate better rates.

Still, their fees are higher than direct booking with an artist or representative.

The Talent Booking Process: What to Consider

The talent booking process may feel complex at a glance. But having the correct information is your only weapon to beating about the thickets of the process.

BreakPoint Booking has all the expertise, information, and services you need for a flawless process. Contact us to book a consultation today.



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