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How to Plan a Birthday Party You’ll Never Forget

Are you looking for a wow factor for a birthday party you’re in charge of planning? Afraid you might let your guests down?

Whether you’re the party planner for yourself or trying to surprise a friend, we have the tips you need to make it a success! Keep reading to learn all you need to know about how to plan a birthday party.

How to Plan a Birthday Party On A Budget

First, you need to solidify the budget you’re working with. Not every amazing party has to have a lot of money. However, even if you plan on a small event at your home, you need to have some sort of refreshments and entertainment.

If this is a surprise birthday party, don’t feel like you have to take it all on yourself. You can raise some donations from close friends or family of the birthday girl or boy for the event in lieu of gifts.

Once you have what you want to spend decided, it’s time to decide on the most important parameters for the party:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where

Who to Invite

The guest list is an important part of the planning process because not all of your friend groups may gel. You don’t want to spend the entire party making sure people are meeting, getting along, and feeling not left out.

Gather together a list either by yourself or with a few friends that you know you want at the party. If this is a surprise party, you definitely want to have some input from their closest friends. It’s too easy to forget someone important.

What to Do

This comes down to the personality of the person the birthday party is for, but you want to decide your theme or venue early on. If this is your party, you may already know exactly what you want to do. If this is for someone else, take time to ask around about their favorite places, movies, hobbies, etc.

For some people, a surprise party might look like a themed murder mystery dinner with their closest friends. Others might love the idea of everyone they know gathered together at a private venue having booked their favorite comedian.

Tailor it to the individual. After all, the party is for them!

When & Where

These two should be decided together if you want to book a venue because you may be working around the venue’s schedule. Find out a general day and time that the majority of the people you want to be there can make it.

It’s not going to work for everyone but shoot for the majority. Location possibilities are endless. However, always set up a meeting spot if you’re taking the party to a different location.

Party On

There are so many ideas on how to plan a birthday party. However, these are great basics to get you started and can even have you looking like a party planning pro.

You can always hire an event planner if you’re still feeling uneasy. If you’re looking to book talent for a private party, check out our talent roster!




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