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How to Choose a Live Wedding Band

We don’t need to remind you that there are a million and one things to consider while organizing a wedding. There’s the location, the dress, the rings, the meal, the transportation, and then there’s the entertainment.

Choosing the correct band will create a wedding reception that you and your guests will remember.

Hiring entertainment is a difficult component of wedding preparation for many couples. After all, it’s not every day that you’re asked to hire a live wedding band!

If you want to hire a wedding band but don’t know where to begin, don’t worry! We’ve got some terrific recommendations to help you get started.

Consult Your Venue

Before you ever consider hiring a wedding band, you should have an open discussion with your wedding venue. Many wedding venues limit live music for a variety of reasons.

Check to see if your location allows live wedding music and, if so, whether there are any volume limitations. If there are any restrictions, it is your obligation to tell your band before booking. This is to ensure they are willing to operate within the parameters.

Book From a Reputable Company

Booking your wedding band through a professional wedding entertainment organization has many advantages.

If you’re not sure what you’re searching for in a band, entertainment agencies may help. Experienced experts will meet with you to learn about your wedding. Then, they’ll give informed recommendations based on your individual needs.

These advisers will also contact bands on your behalf, so even if you contact many acts, you will only need to engage with a single designated contact.

Another area where agencies thrive is in the booking process’s security. Established entertainment agencies accept online payments via safe third-party payment systems and will draft legally enforceable contracts between you and your selected performer, providing you the assurance that your booking is secure.

Understand What’s Included

Once you’ve determined the general kind of wedding ring you want, it’s time to discover your ideal band.

Often, when you view a band’s promotional video, it’s love at first sight. Even if you’re enamored with a band, you should investigate their offerings to ensure you hire an entertainment package that suits all of your needs.

Examine the repertoire of your preferred band. If there is a wedding song you really must hear at your wedding reception, ask for it.

Many live wedding bands will cater to your song requests as part of their basic package, any subsequent specific requests will usually cost an additional price to cover the time and money involved in learning new material.

Make Your Wedding Special With a Live Wedding Band

This may sound simple, but it’s important to emphasize: if you find a live wedding band you like, book them right away before someone else does!

Top wedding bands book up to two years in advance, especially for prime summer weekend dates, so prevent the agony of missing out on your ideal act by booking them as soon as possible. Click here to request a booking now!



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