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Event Planning Tips: Corporate Comedy Event

No matter what type of event it is, event planning is a highly stressful job. You might think that planning a comedy event would be all fun and games, but while the comedian is paid to make the crowd laugh, it’s your job to make sure every detail of the event is perfect. From finding the right comedian to making sure the venue matches the event, you’re responsible for it all.

Keep reading for the top corporate comedy event planning tips to help you plan your next big event.

Secure a Venue

When planning a corporate event, you need to secure a venue before you do anything else. The venue needs to be accessible, and you need to make sure the sound reverberates well, or only a small portion of the crowd will be able to hear the jokes. You also need to make sure the stage is placed in such a way that the attendees can see without craning their necks painfully.

You also need to ensure the venue is large enough for the group you’re planning the event for; nobody wants to sit on top of each other during a comedy show. In fact, the comedian might even use the small venue as a joke in their show.

Book a Comedian

The comedian is the main event; it’s the whole reason people will attend a comedy night. Your choice of a comedian can make or break the entire event. The comedian needs the be interactive and keep the crowd engaged while making the guests laugh along the way.

Booking the right comedian for your event can be tricky as you need to make sure that the program will be well received without stifling the comedian. You want your guests and the comedian to enjoy the experience.

The purpose of a corporate comedy night is to allow your guests to bond over laughter, so guests are expecting their stomachs to ache after the night.

Find an MC

While you can definitely MC the event yourself when working with comedians, it usually takes one to know one. Comedians aren’t just hired as the main attraction; they also make fantastic MCs for events and can give your corporate event the edge you were looking for.

A hired MC will know how to keep the crowd engaged during transitions in acts and set the mood for the entire show.

Comedy Event Planning Tips Made Easy

Using these event planning tips, you should be able to get the ball rolling for your next corporate party. Just remember that in the events business, you need to be willing to spend money to make money. If you take the time to carefully plan out comedy night, then everyone should have a joyful evening.

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