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Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

The end-of-year celebrations are coming soon; it’s an opportunity to bring your employees together for a festive moment. It is an event eagerly awaited by the employees because it allows them to spend a pleasant moment full of friendliness. There are different ways to celebrate the end-of-year celebrations; BreakPoint offers you its selection of ideas to organize your corporate holiday event.

Why offer gifts to your corporate teams at the end of the year?

Receiving gifts is always a pleasure. We are often grateful to be offered something. And that feeling is the same when it is a corporate gift. Especially since we expect even less to receive something from a company thus, it is a small gesture that can give absolute pleasure and be very well received on the part of society. This is why Christmas goodies have been democratized in recent years. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses. Here’s why you might be giving away corporate holiday gifts:

First, reward your teams and your employees. As a boss, your employees or team members play an essential role in your project success. Thus, the more you can motivate them, the more they perform. To do this, you have to support them, show them that they are essential, and reward them. Therefore, giving them a gift during the end of the year celebrations is an excellent choice that will make them very happy. It is an increasingly common practice in large companies and smaller ones. Employees are the main strengths of a company; take care of them!

Second, you can also thank your most loyal customers. Like internal employees, your best customers are one of your most vital assets. It is they who make you exist; it is they who speak about you and who make your reputation and your brand image. So, giving them goodies for Christmas can be a great idea. There is no need to spend a considerable budget; the simple act of giving them something and thinking about them will make them extremely happy. This will show them that they are essential to you. For more inspiration, do not hesitate to discover our selection of 5 corporate holiday gift ideas.

Finally, the other reason you could use end-of-year corporate gifts or personalized Christmas goodies is for communication purposes. Indeed, the holidays are an excellent way to offer something to your target to promote a product or service. Even small goodies or promotional accessories can do the trick to give you visibility. Remember that the advertising object is not a medium like the others. It is one of the only communication techniques which is tangible, lasting, and which is a pleasure to receive. In addition, the media object has an excellent memorization rate of 75%, at the same height as the cinema.

  • A Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a must in companies; it brings together employees and their families around a moment of sharing and conviviality. Usually organized in company offices, the tree decoration adds a touch of cheerfulness to your workspace and improves employees’ state of mind. The decoration workshop can be accompanied by a Christmas jar and small activities such as a Christmas ball creation workshop.

Top 5 Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas in 2021 & Beyond

  • A Christmas meal

More traditional, the Christmas meal is done less and less in business. And yet, it is the occasion to meet around a convivial meal with your collaborators. There is no need to spend all your budget; the meal can be inexpensive and appeal to everyone.

Little tip: respect everyone’s diet, think of vegetarians, for example, the guests will appreciate this little attention.

  • Gifts to offer

Who says Christmas necessarily says gifts! Gift boxes, ticket offices, or vouchers are several ways to please your employees. However, it is preferable to offer gift certificates or vouchers to traditional gifts to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • An end of year party

If your budget allows it, you can rent a room or a restaurant to celebrate Christmas all night. You can organize a dance party with a specific theme to mark the occasion, blind test evenings and ski evenings are very popular with employees. Bet on originality will guarantee you success! For the meal, cocktail dinner, or sit-down meal, it’s up to you!

  • A collective outing

To get away from the traditional clichés of the end of the year celebrations, you can also organize group outings on Christmas themes. The advantages: innovate in formats and find more easily available niches. It’s another way to entertain your coworkers and create corporate memories. Culinary tasting, Advent wreath workshop, or spa evening, you are spoiled for choice! Choose the activity that best suits your needs.

Talk to BreakPoint for all of your corporate event needs, whether it’s your little corporate holiday party or any occasion throughout the year.

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