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3 Reasons Why Finding a Talent Booker Is Important for an Emerging Artist

The music and comedy industries are some of the most difficult to make it big in. With online media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, some artists appear to have shot to stardom overnight, but does this mean they’re doing it all on their own?

Of course not.

Last year, Spotify saw an average of 60,000 tracks uploaded to their platform each day! This means that aspiring artists cannot just rely on uploading content online.

Hiring someone with expertise in talent booking is essential for securing live events and potentially getting noticed by an agent or label. Keep reading to find out the top 3 reasons why emerging artists should hire a talent booker.

1. They Have Connections for Talent Booking

A booking agent has relationships with various venues, live events organizers, and other clients looking to book talent. Clients trust the booking agent to recommend quality talent appropriate for their event.

A musician or comedian approaching venues directly does not have someone vouching for them in this way. Often venues and organizers prefer to only work with trusted booking agents and their talent. Clients can view the available artists on the talent agency’s roster, and at the same time, artists benefit from this exposure.

A booking agent may also have connections with venues and organizers in other cities or states. This means that not only do they know which venues would suit which talent, but they can also introduce emerging artists to new audiences.

2. They Negotiate on the Artist’s Behalf

Artists generally don’t have much experience with the negotiation side of the entertainment business. When booking talent at a venue or event, the agent will negotiate the payment and contract terms for those events.

Booking agents can secure various events, ranging from live concerts to radio interviews, at different types of venues.

The artist can provide the booking agent with input on their desired event terms and fees, but they do not need to be involved in negotiations. The artist can instead focus more on improving their talent and performance.

The talent agency’s clients benefit in that contracts are concluded quicker and more effectively.

3. They Can Get Artists Better Terms

A booking agent earns a percentage of what the artist is paid, so they are motivated to secure the best opportunities for their talent.

They also know how much certain venues and live events organizers are willing to pay. This ensures that the talent receives the best possible payment and contract terms. The client in turn receives professional service and entertainment.

Agents also use their connections and network relationships to book bigger and better events. An unrepresented emerging artist will have difficulty booking these bigger events.

Taking Emerging Artists to the Next Level

The booking agent is a vital part of the artist’s team. They spend significant amounts of time on the talent booking process to support emerging artists. Not only do they handle the negotiations and strive for the best outcomes for both their talent and clients, but booking agents also open up a new world of opportunities.

Contact us today to book one of our many talented musicians or comedians for your next event. We have artists to suit every type of event, from birthdays to corporate events to concerts.



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